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Staff : Ms. Greshka German-Stuart

Ms. Greshka German-Stuart:
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Ms. Greshka German-Stuart


Monday - Friday - 8:00am - 5:00pm


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Greshka is our Operations Coordinator for the Château Program and short-term language programs abroad. Stemming from her Hispanic roots, years abroad in the US Navy, and her MA in Ancient and Classical Studies, she has been an advocate of international experiences for nearly 20 years. Greshka’s experiences have lent to advising students primarily in foreign languages, international studies, and history in which study abroad were required components of the majors. She is fully bilingual in Spanish with ability to interpret most all romance languages. In her spare time she enjoys international films, dancing to traditional Latin music, cooking traditional international cuisines, and seeing the world around in its natural splendor.  

Places traveled: China, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Bali, Polynesian Islands, Australia, and Eastern & Western Caribbean.