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Gilman Scholarship Resources

Learn more about the Gilman International Scholarship: 

Scholarship Eligibility 

  • U.S Citizen 
  • Undergraduate Student 
  • Earning Academic credit on a study/Intern abroad program
  • Pell Grant Eligible 
  • Travel Approved location

Steps to Apply

  • Meet with Ms. Mary Beard for advisement
  • Start with your essays
    • Gilman tips 
    • Send your essays for review to Ms. Mary. This should be done at least 48 hours before the Gilman Scholarship deadline.
  • Gather materials needed for your scholarship application:
    • Study Abroad Program Information
    • Essays
    • Unofficial Transcript(s) 
  • In the application, you will be asked to select two advisors:
    • Mary Beard, Study Abroad Advisor
    • Jessica Bright, Financial Aid Advisor
  • Submit your application by the deadline
    • Advisors automatically receive a message from Gilman when you complete your application.
    • Your Gilman application will be certified by the advisors AFTER the application deadline.