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Let's Talk Health and Safety



CISI Health Insurance

All students studying abroad through The University of Southern Mississippi are enrolled in CISI international healthcare coverage. The cost of the insurance is included in the program fees. This insurance is mandatory and cannot be opted out. Students will be enrolled by the Office of Study Abroad before departure. Students will receive an email confirmation from the insurance company once enrolled. Students will be prompted to activate an online account with the insurance company and will have access to their policy and insurance card here. 


Each participant is issued a personalized card that provides travel insurance while abroad with the program, including

• Physician Office Visits

• Inpatient Hospital Services

• Hospital and Physician Outpatient Services

• Emergency Hospital Services

• Accidental Death and Dismemberment

• Repatriation of Remains

• Medical Evacuation

Additional Health Resources


  • The Office of Study Abroad (OSA) enrolls students into the U.S. Department of State’s Safe Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP). Learn more here:
  • Provides access to Alert Traveler: 
    • Students asked to enroll in Alert Traveler. This app allows us to communicate in an emergency and allows students to share their location with us while they are abroad.
  • Allows an administrator to send check-in requests and verify traveler safety
  • Create a command center for locating, communicating with, and accounting for your travelers
  • Allow travelers to request help in the event of an incident or injury
  • Proactively alert travelers when an emergency may affect them
The OSA monitors Travel Advisory from the US Department of State and closely monitors global events. See our policy here. 

Additional Safety Resources